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Techioras Digital Marketing Course is an intensive 100+ hours program, having practical and experiential learning, covering different modules taught by the best trainers. The program provides hands-on experience with various industry must-know tools.

Professional Diploma In Digital Marketing

Techioras has made its mark as one of the best institute for digital marketing training in India, with centers located in Kochi, Kerala, India. As a digital marketing agency we have years experience in this field, having successfully completed 1000+ projects across the world.We provide guaranteed Co-op placement in a field related to your program. Enroll in Techioras, the top digital marketing institute in Kochi provides PPC, SEO, SMM training, social media marketing and more, you can learn everything to kick start your career as a digital marketer.

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Digital Course Structure:

Whether you come from a marketing background and want to improve your skills or are just interested in learning the basics of digital marketing our staff will encourage and grow your confidence in using the channels. During the 100-hours Digital Marketing course, you will design an idea for a digital marketing strategy and work through the development stages to ensure your campaign’s success.


why techioras training is different from others?

The course aims to:

  • Theory – The area of interest, as well as best practice concepts, are discussed with students.
  • Demonstration – Each live session includes a series of tasks. The process of completing them is worked through with the students.
  • Practical – Students are expected to develop a version of the subject they have been given in each session with the help of the tutor. By the end of the course, these should have come together to form a digital marketing campaign framework that is fully built by the student.

Our Certificates in Digital Marketing

100% Placement Support

As you start your Digital Marketing journey with Techioras-Is the top school for career-oriented education. We provide in-depth career development sessions to assist you in improving your job profile and acing corporate interviews. Through our industry partnerships, we have access to a broad network of private job openings, giving you unrestricted access to a variety of career prospects, making this a placement-oriented Digital Marketing Certificate.

We are providing different certifications related to SEO, Social Media, Analytics, Email marketing and many more.

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Industry Recognized Certifications from Techioras

After successfully completing the Digital Marketing course, you will become certified with Techiorasandalso with the world leaders in professional digital marketing certification,(Hubspot, GoogleAds, Facebook and Bing). This will significantly boost the value of your professional credentials.

Hubspot Certification: A HubSpot Certification is an excellent way to expand your digital expertise, demonstrate your ability to perform various marketing activities, and advance your career.

Google Ads Certifications: Get yourself theGoogle certification by proving expertise in both fundamental and advanced parts of Google Ads.

Facebook Blueprint Certification: A certification provided for their proficiency in Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger advertising.

Bing Certification: A.k.a Microsoft Ads Certification, similar to Google Ads Certification. This program will help you learn how to manage and optimize a Microsoft Ads campaign

Why Techioras?

Techioras has established itself as one of the finest digital marketing training institutes in India. We have years of expertise in a digital marketing business, having executed over 1000 projects all around the world.

We guarantee Co-op placement in a field that is relevant to your program. Our coursesare designed to give you extensive and detailed coverage of Digital Marketing concepts in a more practical way. This program adopts a very collaborative approach that focuses more on multiple projects, job-ready skills, and guaranteed placements. We provide live sessions and 1-to-1 mentoring for our students. We also provide a freelance working option and guidance for those who wish to work on their own.

Course Syllabus

How Placements Works?

Techioras offers the best expert digital marketing Courses in India with 100% Job assistance. We help students to start their careers in the booming and in-demand digital marketing industry.

Techioras prepares the student for the industry by giving them knowledge of several techniques, and strategies of digital marketing. 


Digital Marketing courses are specifically developed to teach Digital Marketing principles. Theyprovide the finest ground for breaking the ice in the field. In addition, instructors provide hands-on training while you work on real-time industry projects and assignments.

It is a 100 hours session and they’ve been cut up into small, digestible, and organized segments so that you can easily refer back to specific lessons when you have questions.

Extremely actionable, as we provide on-the-job training along with the course and freelance working options for our students.

Digital marketing isn’t limited to a single industry. Businesses in any industry sector can benefit from the advantages of digital marketing to grow their business. As a result, if you have a Digital Marketing Certificate, you can work in almost any industry.

There are no specific criteria for studying digital marketing. You can apply for the course if you want to learn more about how the digital world works.

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